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Sandler Training Orange County | 800-4-BAILEY

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Facilitating your transformation of Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques to instill winning selling solutions

Celebrating 25 years as the only Sandler-Certified Training Center serving Southern California.  

Important Update! We are open and training is limited to under 10 people. Clients are invited to participate remotely.

Learn a 7-Step System Proven To Get Sales Results

You will learn: A sales strategy that will assure you finishing the year strong ♦ Discover hidden buying motives ♦ How to handle uncomfortable and stressful selling situations ♦ Get momentum ahead of your competition.

Are Sales Flat? Get Ahead of the Recovery Curve

Get your sales team ready to sell now (virtually) and the rest of 2020 when "normal" returns!

Tuesdays in October via Zoom.

Converting Relationships to Revenue

Business leaders, professional advisors and sales professionals will learn strategies that you can use immediately to find ideal prospects and close more business.

Thousands of clients in Orange and LA counties have experienced transformational growth by implementing a predictable, reliable, repeatable sales process.

See what our clients say                  Learn more about Sales Certification


  • Do your salespeople have product knowledge down but consistently miss their numbers?
  • Do you start discounting to make the sale?
  • Do you have a reliable, repeatable, system for sales?

Having a selling system means knowing what steps you need to take that are the most efficient and effective to help the prospect through the buying process. Are you ready to learn more?

Your successful sales models and productivity goals

Discover how simple improvements to your sales cycle and close ratio can exponentially improve your bottom line. Use the free calculator powered by VisualizeROI to plan and project your sales goals.