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The Secrets to Successful Prospecting

Learn a new system for selling that will never make you feel like a salesperson at a 2-hour workshop in Orange County, CA from the trusted leader in sales development.

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2 Hr. Interactive Workshop

Stress-Free Prospecting and Selling

♦ Frustrated because you do not have a systematic approach to client development?

♦ Concerned that you may not be meeting enough qualified prospective clients?

♦ Not generating an abundance of referrals?


Where: Sandler Training by BMC, Inc. | 1231 East Dyer Rd., Santa Ana, CA 92705
Cost: $32.50 (includes copy of book and light breakfast)
When:  1st and 3rd Thursday of each month


Learn and implement a stress-free lead development system for phone and internet.

Most sales professionals and business owners agree that they need a system in place to bring in new clients in a consistent and reliable way. A process that takes advantage of the ever moving target of lead generation and conversion.

Here's what you get:

Copy of "Prospecting the Sandler Way"
Light breakfast
Networking Opportunities

why salespeople fail

Great companies struggle every day. They have talented salespeople, but they consistently battle sales roadblocks.

Download a FREE copy of Why Salespeople Fail to break down the roadblocks.

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