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Sales Boot Camps

Sandler Training | Orange County, CA

Introducing the Sandler Sales System

Boot Camps introduce sales professionals to a proven selling system in an immersion-style program.

Who will be in the Boot Camp?

One or two facilitators, plus the class participants. People who attend are committed to becoming more effective in generating revenue. Our classes are made up of professional salespeople, consultants and other professionals who need to sell their services.

Sales Team at Work

Boot Camp Agenda

The sessions begin at 8:00am and end at 4:30pm. Be prepared to interact with fellow sales professionals who will be making the journey to sales excellence with you.


  • Understanding your selling challenges
  • Buyer / Seller process at work
  • Why use a system?
  • Sandler 7-step system
  • Building rapport with prospects
  • Role playing
  • Knowing your communication style
  • Psychological foundations of Sandler
  • Establishing mutual agreements with prospects


  • Understanding the emotional reasons prospects buy
  • How to ask effective questions
  • Selling with features & benefits vs. finding pain
  • The proper way to qualify prospects
  • Using pain to find money and drive decisions
  • Structuring your presentation
  • Preventing Back-outs and buyer's remorse

What Will I Learn?

Sales Professionals will learn:

  • How to ask effective questions that help close the sale
  • How to quickly identify the decision-maker(s)
  • How to uncover the true reasons people buy
  • How to effortlessly prospect for new business
  • How to find the power to eliminate unpaid consulting
  • How to shorten your selling cycle.
  • How to get more referrals.
  • How to keep control of the sales process.
  • How to turn a suspect into a prospect in 30 seconds.
  • How to effectively handle stalls and objections.
  • How to stop giving away your profit by selling on price.
  • How to keep the customer from backing out after he decides to buy.
  • How to stop buyer's remorse
  • How to nurture your client into the sale.

Sales managers will learn:

  • How to find salespeople who not only can sell but will sell.
  • How to recognize a salesperson's weakness before you hire them.
  • How to get salespeople to stop making excuses and start selling.
  • How to manage your sales pipeline more effectively.
  • How to prevent your salespeople from being unpaid consultants.
  • How to keep the sales funnel full at all times.
  • How to instill a selling system with your people.
  • How to get your salespeople to stick to their goals.
  • How to manage your people's behaviors.
  • How to effectively coach and manage your people.

Boot Camp FAQs

  • Where do I go to look at the schedule of upcoming Boot Camps?

    Go to our Calendar and find the upcoming Boot Camps this year so you can select one that fits your calendar.

  • What does it cost?

    The cost of the Boot Camp includes materials and DISC profile (a $125 value).

  • Where do I fly into?

    The training center is four miles from John Wayne, Orange County Airport.

  • Can I send you a question I think should be on this page or that I want answered?

    Yes. Just click on Ask a Question and fill out the form. Ask a question.

  • How do I register for a Boot Camp?

    Click HERE to register or learn more about the Sandler Sales Boot Camp.  

  • Are there hotels convenient to the training center?

    There are several hotels in the immediate vicinity: 

    Newport Beach Marriott Bayview (949)854-4500 | 500 Bayview Cir., Newport Beach, CA 92660
    Hampton Inn (714)556-3838 | 2720 Hotel Terrace, Santa Ana, CA 92705
    Hyatt Regency-John Wayne (949)975-1234 | 4545 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92660
    Hilton Garden Inn Irvine/Orange (949)224-3900 | 2381 Morse Ave., Irvine, CA 92614