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Hiring & Retaining Talent
in a Hybrid Workplace

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Are you hiring and retaining A-Players?

Today's managers are competing for talented workers in an unstable and increasingly mobile job market. Successful hiring and retention are inextricably linked to prevent a revolving door of talent coming in but soon going out to your competitors.

Learn tips for HIRING & RETAINING talent that can be easily implemented in virtual, in-person, or hybrid settings.

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Why do employees leave a company?

It's not always about the salary!

  • Ineffective onboarding
  • Hit-or-miss training
  • Poor indoctrination into the company's culture and processes.
  • Sporadic or nonexistent evaluations and feedback.

Discover how to:

  • Keep a pipeline of candidates
  • Create interview consistency
  • Use asynchronous video interviews
  • Creating and executing a development plan
  • Improve coaching practices
  • And more!




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