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Why do people buy milk or bread or cereal at the gas station convenience store when those items are far less expensive at a grocery store? Obviously, they have a need for the items. More importantly, buying at the convenience store is quick, and you guessed it, convenient.

Stan was frustrated. He kept getting “shot down on price” during discussions with prospective buyers. He knew he was supposed to talk directly about money issues before making a presentation ...

Ryan, a salesperson in his mid-thirties, had hit a performance plateau. His commissions had been flat for the past six months, and he had narrowly missed quota in each of those months. He scheduled a meeting with his manager, Jeannine, to see if, working together, they could identify any steps that would turn this pattern around.

During one of their coaching sessions, Jason asked his manager Ellen if she could think of one area he could work on over the next 30 days that would result in a dramatic and rapid improvement of his closing numbers. He was surprised at how quickly she answered.

By focusing more attention on prospects who are truly qualified, and less time chasing people who were unwilling to share information, Brian was able to produce significantly more income...

Gwen’s closing rate wasn’t looking good; she had missed quota for three consecutive quarters. She asked her manager Eileen for a little help in figuring out what she could do to improve.

Having a big pipeline of "prospects" is typically seen as desirable. The more prospects you put into the pipeline, the more will eventually emerge as customers. At least that's the theory, but is it the right strategy?

When you first meet with a new prospect, how do you position your product or service? How do you characterize its various features, functions, and advantages? Which elements do you emphasize as having the strongest potential appeal to the prospect?

When it comes to sales, having the ability to relate to your prospective buyer can help easily boost profit. With today’s competitive sales approaches, any effort that can be done to build stronger relationships with prospective clients is worthwhile. A personality test can be an effective way to accomplish your goal of increased sales and stronger professional relationships.

It can be tough for sales professionals to be objective in a deal. We all want to win business, be a hero, get commission dollars and feel good about ourselves. However, often that failure to dig under the surface and find out the truth only leads to problems. A wise person once told me to “be curious, be skeptical, and don’t be attached to the outcome”.